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Complete SEO Package


The most complete seo package:

  • 8 low competition keywords discovered
  • 8 hand written optimized content
  • 500 to 720 backlinks spread across the new posts

This is a 30 day complete seo service covering keyword research, content writing and backlinks.

For full details read below.

Delivery turnaround time: 30 days


This is our complete seo package, this includes absolutely everything to get a top search engine ranking fast.

If your site needs traffic then this is the service you require.

We do absolutely everything for you, we even write your content.

This is hands off seo, you pay the monthly fee and we take care of the rest.

We will not ask you to sign a contract, payment is made on a monthly basis and can be stopped any time.

You buy this package, after the first month is complete we will send you an invoice for the second month, if you do not wish to continue simply ignore the PayPal invoice.

Let’s run through everything that you are going to get with this package.

Complete SEO Package

Below is what you are going to get every 30 day cycle.

This package is for one 30 day cycle, should you wish to continue for another 30 days simply pay the second months invoice that we send you.

This is what you are going to get:

  • keyword research
  • hand written content
  • 90 day drip feed backlinks

Each week we will do the following:

  • find 2 low competition keywords
  • write 2 lots of content
  • drip feed backlinks to the content

Over the month you will received:

  • 8 keywords
  • 8 (300 to 500 words) hand written content
  • 500 backlinks spread across all 8 posts

Each week we will find keywords, write content and drip feed backlinks to your site.

This will happen over 4 weeks, spread over 30 days.

We will do this month on month for you, your website traffic will sky rocket.

We will now run through each step we take so that you are clear about what this package offers.

Keyword Research

Each week will find 2 keywords related to your niche.

You will get a total of 8 keywords with this package.

We will find long tail low competition buyer keywords that will rank top with web 2.0 backlinks.

These keywords will be long tail, they will have low search volume, this is the point to this service.

We are looking for easy keywords that we can rank top for quickly.

This will bring you traffic to your site in a short space of time.

Do this strategy over and over and you will build up a nice volume of buyer traffic.

This is great for any website/niche.

When the keyword research is complete we move onto writing your content.


Next we will write content focused around the low competition keywords we just discovered for you.

The content will be fully optimised to ensure a top ranking is achieved fast.

Each week we will write two lots of content for you.

With this package you will receive a total of 8 hand written articles focused around the low competition keywords.

The hand written content will be 300 to 500 words in length (might be longer), this of course all depends on the keyword.

The content will be set up to funnel the traffic to your buyer/sign up pages.

After just one month of using this strategy you will see a considerable increase in your website traffic.

Your sales/sign ups will increase steadily over the first 30 days.

The hand written content alone is worth the value of this package.


We will drip feed web 2.0 backlinks and social signals (if required) to the new posts.

Each post will receive around 60 to 90 web 2.0 backlinks, these will be on drip feed over 90 days.

We will use the perfect anchor text ratio needed for each post to get it a number one ranking.

Over the month you will get between 500 and 720 backlinks spread over the 8 new posts.

These backlinks are guaranteed to rank the new posts top.

Like I said earlier, we will select low competition keywords that will only require web 2 backlinks to hit the top.

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email before you order.

The keyword research and all content will be delivered in report at the end of the month.

The backlink report will be delivered after 90 days, a progress report can be sent any time upon request.

What We Need From You:

All you need from you is your website URL and niche.

After you have ordered we will contact you for your website login details (you do not need to give us this).

We will log into your website and add the content for you, if you do not want to give us access then we will send you the content by email to add for us.

This is the most complete seo package you will ever come across.

Delivery turnaround time: 30 days


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