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Buy Backlinks on Powerful Private Blog Network


Buy backlinks on our powerful private blog network for top ranking.

You can buy 50, 100 or 200 backlinks all on indexed domains with amazing metrics.

All on different A, B and C-CLASS IPs.

No footprints.

All backlinks are dofollow.

All sites restricted to 20 outbound links for maximum rank juice flow.

  • DA, PA, CF, TF – 10 to 25+ guaranteed
  • Unique content, guaranteed to index
  • Detailed report given

All we need from you is your URL and Anchors to be used.

We do allow a split over 5 URLs.

You can give us up to 50, 100 or 200 anchors depending on which package you buy.

We can set the anchors for you if you want us to.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days (drip feed can be done upon request – leave note at checkout)

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Buy BacklinksBuy backlinks on our powerful private blog network and rank your site top in the SERPs.

Top ranking website have many backlinks from different C-CLASS IPs.

You now have the chance to do the same for your website.

Are you sat wondering why you are not ranked top?

Go ahead and take a look at your backlink profile….

Compare your backlink profile to the top ranking sites for your selected keyword…..

They have loads more backlinks that you…… right……???

They have lots of backlinks from different IPs too.

We are going to make sure your website has this too.

When your website feels the power of these backlinks it will hit the first page.

I am going to tell you why these links are so powerful.

Right now you have the chance to buy 50, 100 or 200 PBN backlinks from us.

The amount of backlinks you buy depends on your keyword.

Easy keywords, go with 50 PBN backlinks.

Medium competition keywords should take the 100 PBN backlinks package.

If you are trying to rank your website for difficult keywords take the 200 PBN backlinks package.

Remember, take a look at how many backlinks your competitors have….


The best backlink is a contextual one surrounded by niche related content.

You now have the power in your hands to get these for your site.

So what makes the backlinks in this network so powerful?

  • All websites are indexed (Google/Yahoo/Bing will find your backlinks)
  • All website in the network are hosted on different A, B and C-CLASS IPs. (zero footprints)
  • Extremely high metrics (TF, CF, DA, PA all 10 to 25+)
  • Lots of backlinks pointing to each domain (your backlink will sit on the homepage and the post page to allow most rank juice to flow to your site)
  • All links are DoFollow
  • Outbound links are limited to 20 per PBN site to ensure maximum SERP movement for your site. Link juice is only spread across a maximum of 20 outbound links.
  • *IMPORTANT* Unique content only that will pass Copyscape and most importantly will index. We get the content, you do not have to provide it, although you can send us the content if you want to but it must be unique and readable).
  • Sites use different content management platforms, not all WordPress site.

This blog network was set up to get fast ranking results, and it certainly does that.

After the work is complete you will get a full link report.

We are offering you the power to outrank your competitors with just one backlink package.

This service will not be available forever, so act fast to claim your spot in the network.

When all sites have 20 outbound links the service will stop.

Don’t let this ranking opportunity get away from you and have yourself wonder “what if I bought those backlinks” everyday.

If you buy these backlinks your site will move up the SERPs.

These are self-hosted domains, the best you can get. These are not sub domain backlinks.

These links will give your site the rocket fuel it needs.

We do allow a split of URLs, up to 5, however for best results we recommend you use this on one URL.

We also will accept up to 200 anchors/keywords.

What we need from you:

  1. Your URL
  2. The anchors you want us to use (take a look at your competitors)

If you want us to set the anchor texts to be used just leave a note on the checkout.

We guarantee all blog posts will index within 3 weeks, all blog homepages are already indexed.

When the search bot re-crawls the sites your backlinks will be found.

You will not need to force index these backlinks, they will index naturally within 3 weeks.

Of course, you will see rank improvements within 3 weeks.

Buy backlinks now and get your site to the top fast.

NOTE: We do not accept adult/porn or gambling sites, we want to keep this network at a premium and SPAM free.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days (drip feed can be done upon request – leave note at checkout)

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